It’s MoFo, bisques—and we’re holding a CONTEST!

Hello and welcome to DAY ONE of Vegan MoFo 2010! This is my second year participating and I promise it will be even better than 2009. Just wait until you see all the wonderful things I have planned for you! This year, MoFo has over 500 BLOGS participating–more than ever before! For more on that, head over to MoFo Headquarters International.

To celebrate MoFo 2010, Loony Louzilla Lovegood Letters is having its FIRST EVER contest!

The most popular post by far on my page is Gay Cakes: a History. It’s amazing how much of an impact one little comment can make. I mean… who knew that my creative foods teacher warning me about the meaning of rainbows would start such a trend?

Anyway and thus, I bring to you THE CONTEST. Which is really all you came here for anyway, right?

original gay pride cake


I want to see you (yes, YOU) decorate your very own gay cake!

TO ENTER: simply bake a cake, decorate it any way you want to make it “gay” (this doesn’t have to just mean rainbows) and submit a picture of the cake along with a brief description and your name to elryan876 at gmail dot com by 11:59 pm (EST) on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST. I will then compile all the cakes into a blog entry that I will post on Monday, November 22nd.

No decorating skills? Not enough time to enter? Too good for us? This is where you come in! The last week of MoFo will be for readers to VOTE for their favorite cake! Voting will take place from MONDAY 11/22 through SUNDAY 11/28.

Winners will be announced on TUESDAY 11/30 to close out MoFo 2010.

THE PRIZE: A handmade rainbow bag made just for you, the winner, by yours truly! Also, there are rumors that the bag might be filled with some awesome stuff. Stay tuned for details (and pictures)!


  1. The cake should be 100% vegan (well, duh). I’ll know if it’s not, because according to Scott Pilgrim I have PSYCHIC POWERS. And you sure as heck don’t want Dylan Powell coming after you for breaking the rules*.
  2. INTERNATIONAL ENTREES. I apologize, but as of now I cannot take any entries from outside of the US due to shipping costs. However, if there is enough interest I will consider adding a separate prize for international entries (probably an Amazon gift card). Email me at elryan876 at gmail dot com if you live outside of the US and are interested in entering.

I hope that covers everything!! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please either comment on this post or shoot me an email at elryan876 at gmail dot com. Thank you and I hope you choose to participate in this wonderful event!

*I kid. Dylan is a very kind person and wouldn’t want to start anything just because someone’s cake isn’t 100% vegan. He would just be disappointed.

15 thoughts on “It’s MoFo, bisques—and we’re holding a CONTEST!

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  2. How’s this going? Have you had many entries yet? I so want to participate but I’m really not sure of the likelihood of that happening as I have 3 cakes (un gay) to bake already in the next 2 weeks. I will really try to enter though.

    1. I don’t have any entries yet! I think I need to remind people that it’s going on, because I got a lot of excitement when I first posted it which then all waned. I hope you can enter!

  3. AndyDufresne

    So I arrive at my family’s (for my Thanksgiving visit) on Sunday morning. I’m hoping I can get at least my brother and mom interested in making a gay cake with me- just in time for the end of your contest!!

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