Ultimate Vegan Week: Chicago VeganMania & Milwaukee

Last week I took a few days off from school and flew to Milwaukee to visit my good friend Kelly Peloza (author of the upcoming Vegan Cookie Connoisseur), see Isa Chandra Moskowitz, and of course go to Chicago VeganMania! I had a great time reacquainting with old vegan friends and meeting new ones, helping bake cookies for Kelly’s demo, and eating lots of amazing food.

I arrived in Milwaukee and we went to UWM to see Isa’s cooking demo, where she made an amazing root veggie and lentil chili. I’ve never cooked with lentils before, but she inspired me to do so because they are ridiculously easy to cook unlike other dry beans which take hours!

Isa Moskowitz cooking demo UMW

Later in the day (after a visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum) we went back to the UWM for Isa’s presentation on Culinary Activism: Becoming a Baketivist and Beyond, in which she pointed out that people are more likely to listen to you if you have a tasty cupcake. She also showed that vegans can multitask to help people as well as animals by holding vegan bake sales to raise money for Haiti or having brunches/dinners to raise money for other charitable causes. This discredits the argument that many people employ saying vegans only care about animals, not people!

The day was so busy we hadn’t had a chance to eat much of anything, so we all went out to Classic Slice for pizza after the presentation.

Mediterranean Pizza at Classic Slice

Friday was spent baking, baking, baking. We made 150+ cookies for Kelly’s demo at VeganMania: hypnosis cookies, chocolate peppermint creme bars, and my personal go-to cookie: chai. All from Kelly’s upcoming book, which you should buy from her blog!!

Vegan cookies

I’m afraid that’s all the energy I have to write up tonight, I’m still working on catching up on all the sleep I missed because there was so much going on!


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