Gay Cakes: A History

Since I am currently camera-less, I can’t really take pictures of the food I make unless my dad is home and feeling kind enough to allow me to borrow his camera. So, unfortunately I won’t be able to blog about the English muffin Teese pizzas I made a few days ago… I just couldn’t do them justice without pictures. Instead, I will blog about something that many of you know me for, which is gay cakes! I’m going to use this post to go through my personal gay cake-making history and how the gay cake became popular among internet vegans everywhere.

Gay Cake: The Original
original gay pride cake

This cake is the product of a cake decorating unit in my creative foods class last year at school. I did rainbow stripes around the side, the colors ending with a purple peace sign on top. We had to get our designs approved by the teacher before we started decorating, and when I told her I wanted rainbows on my cake she said, “you have to be careful with rainbows though, because these days they have other meanings… like gay and lesbian.”

I was speechless. I wanted to say, “maybe I want it to mean that!” but didn’t want it to sound wrong. In retrospect, I should’ve just said, “is there anything wrong with that?” but it was first thing in the morning and my brain wasn’t functioning, so I ended up saying “I… like… rainbows?” (Incidentally, I got a 100% on the project.)

I then posted about this on the Post Punk Kitchen forums, where it earned me the new subnick of “gay cake,” and became somewhat legendary. Oh yeah, and it’s part of the current header image for my blog.

Gay cupcakes: An attempt
gay cake cupcake

Based off another PPKer’s cupgaycakes (shoutout to wintermitts), I made these cupcakes to hand out at our GSA’s table for the club fair that showed the incoming freshman what clubs they could join. Unfortunately, my pink triangles ended up looking like ham (plus no one knows what a pink triangle means anymore) and when I opened my container of “rainbow sprinkles” I found out that they were just pale pink, pale yellow, and white. Not rainbow! But at least the colors complimented that of the triangles.

Gay Cake II: Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana gay cake
Photo courtesy Kelly Peloza

This summer, I went to Illinois to visit Kelly. We decided to make a Hannah Montana gay cake, for obvious reasons. The inside is two layers, the bottom layer being chocolate and the top a pink and purple swirl (HM style, ohh yeah!).

She then put a purple border on the cake, and we worked together to pipe rainbows around the side.

For the top, she wrote “Gay Cake” in rainbow colors and stuck in two Hannah Montana cake toppers. We added rainbow sprinkles around the top and bottom edges for a final touch.

Gay Cake III: Veganstock Summer of Gaycake!

veganstock gay cake
Photo courtesy Bianca/Vegan Crunk


Later this summer, I went camping with a bunch of lovely folk from The Post Punk Kitchen forums. I was supposed to bring donuts from Vegan Treats, but waited too long to order and was unable to get them. So what did I do? Stayed up all night baking, of course! I decided that since I was by this point well known for my gay cakes, I would make one for Veganstock. It ended up to be a better idea than ordering donuts anyway! A few of us even decided the name of the event needed to be changed from “Veganstock: Summer of Smlove” to “Veganstock: Summer of Gay Cake.”

I stuck with the purple bordering, since that seems to be the color I always use around my gay cakes. (Also, it’s my favorite color!) Notice that this time, my rainbow sprinkles are actually rainbow colored! I found nicely colored vegan rainbow sprinkles in the bulk bin at Wegmans one day when my friend Jen and I were wandering around the grocery store, so I bought a big bag to keep on hand.

There will inevitably be more gay cakes to come in the future, but you’ve now seen a comprehensive history of the ones I’ve already made. I hope you enjoyed it!

17 thoughts on “Gay Cakes: A History

  1. Yay! I am so glad you finally have a blog. I love reading about all your baking expos, especially the gay cakes! Pride next year, we’ll be baking up some rainbow pridecups and thinking of you!


    Seriously, come to Canada already.

  2. Hey Louise,

    Just thought I would say hi. I was very much like you when I was younger…making cakes with themes etc. It’s a great start.

    Now I am a bit older this is my version of gay cakes. It took me a long time to get there but good luck with your journey.

    I hope you find some of the cakes an inspiration. Look forward to seeing your next creation !!!!


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  8. This is the best! Hahha I love that the pink triangles look like ham, haha. And that Kelly’s actually says “GAY CAKE” so that no one will miss the meaning. Awesome. Keep queering the cakes!

  9. Awesome post! What were the pink triangles made of? I am so happy that I had a piece of the Veganstock Gay Cake. It was a fabulous moment in Gay Cake History.

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