Love wins. Celebratory gay cake time!

You’ve all heard by now about yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling that declared gay marriage legal in all 50 states—almost exactly two years after it repealed DOMA.

The majority of states already allowed same-sex couples to marry, but now those couples can move to any other state in the country and not have to worry about whether their marriage is recognized in that state or not.

When my coworkers broke the news to me yesterday at work, I responded by saying, “well, guess I’m making a cake when I get home today!”


Simple and elegant on the outside, reminiscent of a wedding cake. I sent my mom this picture, and she said, “it isn’t gay???”


Of course it’s a gay cake! The rainbow is on the inside.


Because, real talk time. These two gay cakes may have the right to marry each other in all 50 states, but in over half of those states they can still be fired from their delicious jobs just for being gay. Gay cupcakes are often bullied by peers and even rejected by their parents, which puts them at a high risk of becoming homeless.

Yes, this is a huge victory and I’ve been crying happy tears for all the couples who can finally get married and all the solidarity our straight allies are showing. So let’s take this weekend to pop some champagne and have some celebratory gay cake, because we did it, baby. Just don’t forget to keep fighting the good fight once you’re finished celebrating, because it’s far from over.

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