Burrito crisis? 4 places to visit while Cali Burrito rebuilds

Now’s time to check out all the burrito places you could never visit because Cali Burrito is just too good, man.

The Valley’s favorite burrito joint had a kitchen fire on September 14 and is currently closed for repairs. You won’t find this on any local news outlet, though, which is surprising given the restaurant’s popularity.

Cali B closed sign

The sign currently posted on their door reads: “We took Bob Marley’s Catch A Fire album a little too seriously. Kitchen Go Boom! We’ll be back up and running in a couple weeks. Thanks for all your care and support.”

This terrible news comes only three months after Bethlehem’s Hello Burrito was closed due to water damage. It’s been a sad summer for Valley burrito fans, but not all is lost. We’ve been fortunate to have some new burrito places pop up recently with solid vegan options. While nothing compares to the variety of delicious options (or the fluffy chips) that Cali B offers, not all hope is lost. Now’s your chance to check out the following places.

  1. Green Pepper, originally located in the Promenade, just opened a second restaurant in the Allentown Wal-Mart shopping center. If you like your burritos junk food-y, this place is for you. Green Pepper has vegan ground beef, tofu, vegan sour cream, and vegan cheese, making it the only place in the valley (that I know of) where you can get vegan nachos with all the fixin’s.
  2. Betty’s Wraps is owned by the same folks as Hello Burrito and has a similar menu. My favorite has always been the mango burrito, though it’s never complete without adding tofu. The buffalo veggies unfortunately have dairy in them, so they’re not vegan. Also, Betty’s is in Kutztown, so it may be a bit of a drive depending on where you are.
  3. Moe’s Southwest Grille recently opened a new location in Tilghman Square, and I’m still disappointed that no one told me. This place was a staple when I lived in New York. While it’s nowhere as good as Cali B, it’s a nice change of pace and they do have tofu for your burritos. Moe’s also has a location on Schoenersville Road in Bethlehem.
  4. Chipotle has two locations in the valley: one in the Whitehall mall and another on Airport Road. I recommend the Airport Rd location because it’s usually not as busy. If you haven’t tried Chipotle’s relatively new vegan Sofritas, now’s the time to do so. The tofu is crumbled instead of cubed, and full of flavor.

I can’t wait for Cali B to reopen, but at least I know I can still get my vegan burrito fix. What’s your favorite place to get a tasty vegan burrito?

Edit: My lovely coworker informed me there’s a new Chipotle at Village West Shopping Center (corner of Cedar Crest & Tilghman) that is now open!


2 thoughts on “Burrito crisis? 4 places to visit while Cali Burrito rebuilds

  1. Thanks a million, Lou! Never woulda noticed Green Pepper without you.
    We’ve been on a lifetime Chipotle boycott ever since they inadvertently slipped a chunk of chicken or something into the kid’s sofritos last spring, he can’t stomach the place no more.

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