Salvaterra's Gardens organic lettuce

Love Fresh, Local Food? Love Your Farmers.

Food doesn’t get more local than your backyard. Just ask Matt and Jess Salvaterra, who got into gardening to become more self-sufficient — and got so good at it, they started selling their surplus as Salvaterra’s Gardens. Or Dax and Robin Funderburk, who have been growing their own food since they moved to Mertztown 12 years ago. 5 years ago, they decided to make it a business called Beets Workin’ Farm so Dax could retire from his corporate job and spend more time with his four daughters.

I met with both these farmers, whose organically grown produce I’ve gotten at Healthy Alternatives, to learn more about who they were and where my food was coming from. After all, as Funderburk told me, “Everyone knows the first name of their dentist, their doctor, even their plumber. But how many people know the first name of their farmer?” Continue reading “Love Fresh, Local Food? Love Your Farmers.”


10 Most Vegan Friendly Restaurants in the Lehigh Valley

Vegan dining is hard if you don’t know where to look. Whether you’re new to the area or new to vegan food, this list is a great place to start if you’re looking for somewhere to eat in the Lehigh Valley. It comprises a variety of eateries throughout the valley. Each one has at least 2-3 solid vegan options that go above and beyond the normal fare of “hummus and veggie burger.” Continue reading “10 Most Vegan Friendly Restaurants in the Lehigh Valley”

Burrito crisis? 4 places to visit while Cali Burrito rebuilds

Now’s time to check out all the burrito places you could never visit because Cali Burrito is just too good, man.

The Valley’s favorite burrito joint had a kitchen fire on September 14 and is currently closed for repairs. You won’t find this on any local news outlet, though, which is surprising given the restaurant’s popularity.

Cali B closed sign Continue reading “Burrito crisis? 4 places to visit while Cali Burrito rebuilds”

Should you microchip cats and dogs

To Microchip or Not to Microchip?

Molly Cat

My mom’s cat Molly came to her as a stray, rescued by my brother’s coworker. She was a friendly, healthy adult who showed signs of being in heat, so we took her to Forgotten Felines & Fidos to get spayed—only to discover the deed had already been done. It wasn’t until then that we realized she must have had a previous owner, and decided to ask our vet to check for a microchip.

Continue reading “To Microchip or Not to Microchip?”

$50K, Upcoming Book, and a Wintery Scramble

Vote Early and Vote Often!
No Kill Lehigh Valley (NKLV) is in the running for a $50K grant from Pepsi Refresh, money that they really need to help pay for veterinary expenses and provide spay/neuter services to companion animals as well as providing TNR services to feral cats. They started out the month in 9th place, but have slipped to 11th. The top 10 ideas on January 31st get funding. Please take the time to vote for them to receive the funding! You can vote once a day, every day, 3 different ways:

Or, you could do all 3! With your help the organization can get back in the top 10 and receive the funding they need to make the Lehigh Valley a better place for companion animals. Continue reading “$50K, Upcoming Book, and a Wintery Scramble”