MoFo Break: Take Action Now to Protect Civil Liberties under Trump

I took a mini break from Vegan MoFo this week to focus protecting my civil liberties as a bisexual woman, as well as organizing against the bigotry many people—including those close to me—are encountering in the face of a Trump/Pence presidency. I’ll be back to MoFo shortly—I’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned for you—but in the meantime, here’s an excerpt from a piece I wrote for Raging Chicken Press on specific actions you can take now to protect civil liberties under Trump and support those around you.

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Taco Trucks and Trumpkin Pie

This election, I’m voting for taco trucks on every corner. Because America was built by immigrants (well, after they stole the land from the Native Americans). Because everyone deserves the opportunity to see what our nation has to offer. And because why else would Election Day fall on Taco Tuesday? (PS: Hell yeah, there’s hot sauce on those tacos.)

Vegan lentil tacos with Brussels sprout slaw and hot sauce

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