MoFo Break: Take Action Now to Protect Civil Liberties under Trump

I took a mini break from Vegan MoFo this week to focus protecting my civil liberties as a bisexual woman, as well as organizing against the bigotry many people—including those close to me—are encountering in the face of a Trump/Pence presidency. I’ll be back to MoFo shortly—I’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned for you—but in the meantime, here’s an excerpt from a piece I wrote for Raging Chicken Press on specific actions you can take now to protect civil liberties under Trump and support those around you.

On Wednesday night, folks in Pittsburgh held an emergency meeting called “Let’s Unite To Stop President Trump,” followed by a protest outside. Several hundred people showed up to the meeting, quickly filling up the small ballroom at the Ace Hotel in East Liberty.

The meeting’s purpose was to process anxieties and fears following Tuesday’s election and brainstorm actions people can take to address them. Organizers had attendees split into groups of 8-12 and discuss actions under three broad categories: taking immediate action, creating safe spaces, and building a party for the future.

For my part, I accept that America elected Trump as its president—even if I don’t like it. But that doesn’t mean I have to accept the very real threat that a Trump presidency and GOP majority poses to our civil liberties. And I downright refuse to accept the xenophobia and bigotry that found a new rise during Trump’s presidential campaign.

The following is a list of actions everyone can take to combat those very real threats. It’s based off discussion from the Wednesday night meeting, along with several ideas people across my networks have come up with. I’ve separated them into the same three categories the emergency meeting’s organizers came up with. Head over to Raging Chicken Press to see the full list.

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