Fresh food in Old Zionsville

Today’s the first weekend of the Upper Milford farmer’s market, which means there’s actually something within walking distance from my house other than greasy pizza. Not that there’s anything wrong with Vito’s (except their lack of vegan options), it’s just that I like to be able to walk down and get some nice, fresh vegetables from the farmers in my community.

It’s a very small farmer’s market in the parking lot of the municipal building (old Kings Highway elementary school), with only two regular vendors—one who sells fresh produce and another selling jams and baked goods. Both were there today.

I went to the produce guys first, and eyed the beautiful plants they were selling. While the idea of growing my own food sounds awesome, I bought some watermelon plants a few weeks ago from the Kutztown University biology club and I’ve already killed them. Even the basil I got from them is already looking limp. And trust me, I know I’m the common denominator in this equation; it’s not that their plants are prone to dying.

dead watermelon plants

So I convinced myself not to buy any more plants. I was torn between getting some asparagus for grilling or rhubarb for strawberry-rhubarb pie, but the latter would require going to the grocery store for berries. I got some beautiful, tall purple-tipped asparagus for $3.

This asparagus is so tall, it won’t fit standing up in my fridge.

Then I went over to look at some homemade jams. There’s nothing better than homemade strawberry jam or apple butter. Since I didn’t get rhubarb at the first place, I decided to try something new and get strawberry rhubarb jam ($2.35) to eat on some bread I made a few weeks ago and stuck in the freezer.

I bet this would be even better on homemade English muffins.

I wish the farmers luck in their growing and selling season, and hope the market will grow this year! They’re open Saturdays 9-3 and Sunday 10-2, so be sure to stop on by sometime and support them.


2 thoughts on “Fresh food in Old Zionsville

  1. Mrs. Miller’s jam is my favorite!
    I’m with you on the killing plants thing. We have a garden at the place we live now and I’ve killed about everything I’ve tried to grow, except basil. I figure I’d rather support local farmers who know how to grow things well, than stress about doing it myself.

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