HOW-TO: “Unicorn Poop,” AKA Gay Wedding Cookies

Whatever you want to call them, it’s mother-effin’ chocolate covered rainbows. I ask you, does it get any better?

Chocolate Covered Rainbows

It does, because in this post I am going to tell you how you can make your very own!

You will need:

  • marzipan (about 1 cup?): I tried using this recipe, but ended up overcooking the sugar and it hardened (my fault, not the recipe’s) so I used the recipe in The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur instead.
  • food dye: I used mostly Wilton gel, but also some liquid coloring from McCormick.
  • 6 Ziplock bags (6.5×6” or somewhere around that size)
  • enough chocolate for dipping (and about 1 TBSP shortening)

Makes about 2 dozen

First, divide your marzipan into 6 equal parts. Dye each part a different color of the rainbow. Knead until the color is evenly distributed. Mine was already split and dyed, because I was using leftovers from a gay cake I made for my friends at for the Animals Sanctuary.*


for the Animals gay cake

Once your marzipan is colored, put each ball in a plastic bag. Close the top and use a rolling pin to distribute the marzipan evenly throughout the bag, making sure it reaches all 4 corners but being careful not to squeeze it back out the opening.

rainbow marzipan


Now that you’ve got 6 perfect squares of marzipan, prepare a work surface by placing some wax paper on your counter to prevent sticking. I held the wax paper in one place by putting a cookbook at each end.



Take the purple bag and open at the top, then carefully cut down the two sides of the bag to expose the marzipan. Fold the marzipan in half over itself by pulling the plastic over in a similar fashion to making sushi (except you are folding instead of rolling). Flatten and transfer to the wax paper.

Repeat with the blue, cutting open the bag and folding the marzipan in half. Stack the blue rectangle directly on top of the purple. Repeat with green, yellow, orange, and finally red.

By now your marzipan is probably soft and mushy from being worked with so much, so put it in the fridge to firm up just a bit before cutting so you don’t end up mushing it all back together. After about 10-15 minutes, remove from fridge and cut into squares. As you can see, I got exactly 2 dozen squares from mine.

rainbow marzipan squares


Put your squares back in the fridge so they stay firm while you melt the chocolate. Create a makeshift double boiler on your stove by putting a small pot into a bigger pot that has some water in it. Melt the chocolate and shortening in the smaller pot on medium-low heat, stirring often. Optional: you can add a tiny bit of candy makers wax in the chocolate here to make it firm up better once dipped and leave a glossy finish.

Once the chocolate is melted, dip the marzipan squares in and let set at room temp on wax paper. I sprinkled some green-dyed shredded coconut (also leftover from the gay cake) on top of a few squares for a finishing touch. Enjoy!



*For the Animals needs your help! Consider making a tax-deductible donation to help buy food and bedding for the animals to help prepare for spring.

7 thoughts on “HOW-TO: “Unicorn Poop,” AKA Gay Wedding Cookies

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  2. Jennifer

    These are absolutely adorable. I made a red and green version for Christmas tonight, but I added a little lemon baking flavor to the marzipan. Everyone loved them. Thanks for the recipe!

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