Happy Thanksgiving from Louzilla Lovegood Letters!

I’m now on the board of directors at for the Animals Sanctuary, and with that on top of everything else (school, VEG, work, etc), I’ve been quite busy—hence the lack of blog updates.

I do want to share my vegan Thanksgiving meal though. There are a lot of negative associations with Thanksgiving, in regards to both its cultural history and the turkey slaughter that takes place for many people’s meals. I acknowledge that, but I’m going to keep this post positive. I’m thankful to have such a vegan-friendly family who, although they still eat a turkey on Thanksgiving (boo), are willing to make the mashed potatoes vegan and enjoy most of the food I make. I’m thankful to be able to share it with them. I’m also thankful for all the amazing vegans in my life, even though I wasn’t able to spend the holiday with any of them.

So, what does a vegan eat for thanksgiving?

I’ve included links to most of the recipes.

Cranberry Orange muffins from Veganomicon for breakfast:

cranberry orange muffins

Tofurkey (always done in the slow cooker), cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes (made vegan with Earth Balance and soymilk), roasted brussels sprouts, corn, root veggies, and brown gravy. I had two full plates like this. Overeating: It’s the American Way.

vegan thanksgiving 2011

And good ol’ pumpkin pie for dessert! I think it was a little underdone this year, but still tasty.

vegan pumpkin pie

There’s this amazing tumblr that’s all about vegan pizza (fuck yeah vegan pizza!), and they made an out-of-this-world thanksliving pizza. I told my boyfriend that if we move in together, we are SO doing this for Thanksgiving.

Bonus pictures of my cat, Mia. Being a cat: yur doin’ it rite.

Mia calico cat

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