Vegan Cookbook Challenge: Veganomicon

This week I made 4 recipes from Veganomicon that aren’t part of my usual repertoire as part of a 12-week-long cookbook challenge on the PPK.

Chickpea cutlets and sauteed collards

It was a little hard finding things I hadn’t made before, since I was a tester for the book. I started off with chickpea cutlets, a recipe I had only made once and didn’t love—but everyone always raves about them, so I decided to give them another try. I made them along with sauteed collards for dinner.

I remembered not loving the mustard sauce when I tested it, so I decided to go sans sauce. Next time, I will definitely try them with the mushroom gravy, as they were a little dry on their own (but otherwise amazing). They were especially awesome the next day stuffed into a sandwich with spinach, tomato, onion, and dijon mustard! I will definitely be making this recipe more often.

The next day I made use of my leftover cranberries in cranberry-orange-nut bread. This was really good, and had a good complement of sweet and tangy. Next time I think I’ll try it with whole wheat pastry flour instead of white.

Cranberry orange bread


Word of advice for this bread: either eat it within 2 days or keep it in the refrigerator, because if left out on the counter it will mold quickly due to the fruit. Yeah, that happened to me.

I decided to end the challenge week with a big shebang: vanilla ice cream! I’ve been eager to make this ever since it entered testing, but at first it called for soymilk powder which I couldn’t find and then when the recipe was changed I just never got around to it. Until yesterday, that is!

Homemade vegan ice cream


I doubled this recipe… mostly because I really like ice cream, but also because by doubling the recipe I would be able to use a whole block of silken tofu instead of trying to figure out what to do with the other half. I was going for a cookies ‘n cream ice cream (my favorite!), but I added the Oreos too soon and they turned the ice cream greyish brown instead of staying in chunks. It still tasted awesome,though! I was really happy with the way this recipe came out, very smooth and creamy with a slight but not overpowering coconut taste.


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