Thanksgiving 2010

I’ve been neglecting MoFo all week; I haven’t posted at all since Monday. Surprisingly it’s not for lack of something to post about, I’m just getting burnt out on posting every day on top of activism/events, school, and work. Anyway, it’s the last week! And how could I not post about my Thanksgiving dinner?

Vegan Thanksgiving dinner

I went over to my brother’s house and we made this cranberry sauce (which is a new tradition as of last year) and these roasted sweet potatoes, which were really good (and a huge improvement over last year’s apple pie, which totally failed).

sweet potato casserole

I promised my brother fresh coffee cake this morning, so I got up and made the coffee cake from Vegan Brunch first thing.

vegan brunch coffee cake

I always cook my Tofurky in the slow cooker, and it always comes out awesome. I throw it (thawed) in with the olive oil/soy sauce/sage basting sauce, then surround it with some chopped root veggies (potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions) and throw more oil and soy sauce as well as sage, tarragon, and thyme on top. I cook it on high for about 2 or 3 hours then switch it to low until dinner’s ready. This is a perfect way for me to cook my Tofurky at the same time my parents are making their (sigh) turkey in the oven.

slow cooker veggies

I also made some roasted brussel sprouts because I keep wanting to try them. I didn’t like them much, but my mom loved them!

roasted brussels sprouts

Also, I was able to convince my mom (who then convinced my dad) to let me make the mashed potatoes so they could be vegan! And at dinner we threw around some ideas of what might be a good vegan Christmas dinner that would make everyone happy (but didn’t come up with anything that satisfied everyone). I am so thankful for my super supportive family.

We also had our first snow of the season today. It was so pretty outside earlier! The perfect day to stay home cooking, eating, and napping.



3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2010

  1. Suzie Johnson

    I want to use a slow cooker for the larger Tofurky. Don’t know if it is really any larger, ’cause it was the only one left in the store. I saw that you slow cook your thawed Tofurky for 2 hours on high and then switch to low. (However, you didn’t say how long on low?) If I didn’t want to put it on low, would 3 hours on high be enough or would that dry it out. I don’t know why they don’t put times for a slow cooker on the box, because it will be wonderful to have more room in the oven to put other stuff. Do you think 1 hour on low would be enough or 2 hours ?? I don’t have a meat thermometer, so that is out. Thanks in advance for reading this rambling message.

    1. Hi, and good question! It’s usually pretty much done after the two hours; I just put it on low a) because the rest of Thanksgiving dinner isn’t ready yet and b) to ensure the vegetables are cooked through–sometimes they’re not yet. I’m sure two hours on high and one hour on low would be perfect.

      Also, regarding Tofurky sizes–it’s possible they’ve changed it, but I’ve never seen multiple sizes of Tofurky roasts! I’ve only ever seen the larger box that has the whole feast, but the roast itself is the same size, and then the smaller box that’s just the roast. If there is in fact a larger roast that would be awesome because it never seems to be big enough!

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