Aaaand the Gay Cakes are in! Vote for your favorite!

Last night was the deadline for my gay cake contest, and though I didn’t get many entries I love the ones that I did get! There are 3 entries, so take a look, decide which you like best, and you’ve got a week to vote for your favorite. Click on the pictures for bigger versions!

Entry #1: 

My gayke’s theme is names for gay people, hence the twinkie, fairy, and fruits on top. The star shaped signs add the terms queer, fag, and dyke. The side of the cake is decorated with fondant circles in rainbow order. And, my personal favorite part, the inside is made up of six layers–each a different color of the rainbow. It was such a fun cake to make. Definitely my gayest!



Entry #2:

I made this cake for my friend Bianca’s 30th birthday. She may have a boyfriend, but deep down inside she is super gay! It’s all white cake (including the rainbow!) with buttercream clouds, airbrushed rainbow and handmade white chocolate unicorns. I also made ‘funfetti’ cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles to go with it, for extra gayness!


Entry #3:

A miniature lemon flavored cake of GAYdom made by my favorite person, Smackers the Pig (More).


You’ve seen the entries, now… Vote!

Which was your favorite? Which was gayest, most creative, had the coolest story, which one do YOU think deserves to win? Voting goes from now until SUNDAY 11/28. The winner will be announced on TUESDAY 11/30 to close out MoFo. We’re really getting close to the end here, guys!

And finally, I would like to give a huge shout out to Mo, who perservered and sent an entry even though her first attempt was a disaster. Big gay vegan hugs to Mo!

8 thoughts on “Aaaand the Gay Cakes are in! Vote for your favorite!

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  2. fantastic!!! I will have to do a gay cake when I’m not so busy around-the-worlding. These cakes are just amazing!! Such a great contest. Hoorah for Louzilla!

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