Link-o-mania! Events, posts, voting, etc.

Today I’ve got a roundup of links for everything that’s going on outside of MoFo. Support! Attend! Read!

I’ve also got a squeaky space bar, but youwouldbeannoyedifiwroteeverythinglikethis so I’ll deal. You’re welcome.

Letecia Garcia

Firstly, peta2 is holding their 5th annual Libby Awards and the lovely Letecia Garcia (pictured above; also known as Super Woman) is in the running for Street Teamer of the year! She is the president of KU’s Vegetarian Education Group, a longtime member of peta2’s youth advisory board, and an amazing activist in every aspect of her life. Vote for her!

And since I am the HumaneTeen to Letecia’s peta2, I am going to urge you to go vote for the HSUS to get $250K from the Pepsi Refresh project. HSUS will use this money to help animals in need. It is currently in first place, but needs YOUR vote to keep them there. You can vote twice daily until the end of the month. They even have a very handy daily voting reminder you can sign up for!

If you’re still in a voting mood and happen to be a Giant Food Stores bonuscard member, head on over to their site and vote for your favorite design for their next Earth Day reusable bag! You know your favorite is the one with the girl hugging the heart-shaped earth. Help a sista (well, a friend’s sista!) out and vote for that one.

Reading time: In lieu of Michael Vick’s recent victories on the football field, some people need reminding that he is an asshole. Do the dogs he destroyed emotionally as well as physically care that he’s doing wonderful now? Surprise, no.

And for a lighter note: hey students! Go check out this awesome list of 100 cooking blogs for students. I’m happy to be included in the list alongside some of my favorite blogs such as The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur and BitterSweet. By the by, both those vegan bloggers have cookbooks out. You should visit their blogs and buy their books.

You know who else rocks? for the Animals Sanctuary in Blairstown, NJ, who I wrote about a few weeks ago. They have a blog now! Also, they are holding a holiday lunch at Loving Hut in Ledgewood, NJ on December 4th, and the menu looks amazing. $35 per person, and funds raised go directly to the animals. Yum-azing!


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