Lunchbox Tuesday: Lazy Lunchin’

Sometimes I just don’t have it in me to pack a good lunch to take to school. I forget. I don’t have time. I get lazy.

When this happens, I just throw a container of WholeSoy & Co yogurt in my lunch box along with a bag (yes, the whole bag… lazy, remember?) of granola and a spoon. Voila. Lunch.

lazy packed lunch


I’ve been wanting to try making my own granola, but that would go against the whole “lazy” thing. I should also throw in a piece of fruit, especially since all I’ve eaten in the past week has been unhealthy stuff topped with (unhealthy) fake cheese: Pizza. Quesadillas. Cheezsteaks. Mac n cheeze.

Since I’m always giving you tips on what TO do, here’s an idea of what NOT to do: make some ramen in the morning to pack and take with you. It seemed like a good idea, but by the time I was ready to eat my lunch, the noodles had absorbed all the broth and were extremely soggy.


What’s your favorite lazy food?

Have you checked out The Laziest Vegans in the World blog?


3 thoughts on “Lunchbox Tuesday: Lazy Lunchin’

  1. Emily

    My favorite lazy food is leftovers. Put in tupperware, throw utensil in bag, aaaaaand done.

    I’m lovin’ the Deathly Hallows book in the background; I must have re-read all the books a zillion times. The movie last night was, surprisingly, so good!

  2. My fave lazy meals are :
    Organic canned chili

    Chik-n soup just made with No chicken broth by Imagine carrots and organic abc noodles

    Microwaved Kidney beans, broccoli, and baked potato with a little bit of smart balance light. Sounds a little weired but it is strangely good and keeps me coming back for more… lol Thats a big one for me 🙂

    I don’t know about taking food with me I don’t work outside my home so I don’t normally need to pack food unless I am going to a families house to eat and then I normally take left overs from the night before.

    But I do make things like corn muffins with chili or lightlife veggie hot dog chili sauce in them for my husband. Thats one of his lunch faves.

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