Belated Buffalo Tofu Pizza

As you were probably able to tell from the links I posted yesterday, I tried my hand at buffalo tofu pizza again. This time I was successful in not flipping it upside down in the oven! I was very proud of myself.

vegan buffalo wing pizza

I’m embracing square pizza, because it bakes so much better on a stone and my little stone is the perfect size for a mini pizza. The crust came out infinitely better this time than on the cookie sheet I used last week.

I made the buffalo tofu from this post, saving the marinade to use as the sauce for my pizza. I then added the tofu and topped it off with a mixture of Teese and Daiya. I made some vegan blue cheese dressing from this recipe and dolloped some spoonfuls of that on top.

The pizza overall was really good! It could’ve been a little hotter, spice-wise (I even added some Sriracha to the sauce to make it hotter), but maybe store-brand hot sauce just didn’t cut it. The blue cheese dressing I made was alright, though strangely some bites seemed to have more tang than others.


8 thoughts on “Belated Buffalo Tofu Pizza

  1. Hi
    Someone on PPK posted a link up to your blog. I’m glad I chased it up, it’s proper inspiring. Are you based in Lehigh valley by any chance (purely based on the mention of Vegan Treats in another post!) I was there just over a month ago, on tour with a band called Spraynard who are from West Chester (I’m from England). I just wanted to send you some nice words about your blog, because it’s a Monday, and why the hell not! Also, isn’t pizza great.

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