Is it too early to talk about Christmas?

I know everyone else is worrying about Thanksgiving dinner, but I’m working on trying to get my family to have a nice vegan Christmas dinner. I’m going to ask my parents to not buy me anything, but instead have the whole dinner be vegan. They get to save money on presents AND food! Also, holidays here are pretty cozy—just my brother, dad, and I—so no worries about getting the whole extended family to give up their beloved traditional carcass.

My mom started Christmas shopping yesterday. Today, I was talking to her and told her to go return whatever she may have gotten me because all I want for Christmas is a vegan dinner.

Her response wasn’t too positive, which was to be expected. I think I was just asking because I wanted to see what she would say, though it would have been awesome if she actually took me up on the offer. Because I am serious about it.

Her first response: smart-ass. “You can have a vegan dinner!” As in, the usual make my own Tofurky roast and side dishes and sit there while everyone else eats a dead chicken. So I refined my request, saying I don’t want my dead friends on the table.

Farm Sanctuary rooster
He’s my friend, and I like him alive.

She asked where I want my dead friends.

I want my friends alive, thankyouverymuch.

At this point there was a slight pause where she looked a little contemplative, possibly considering what if I granted her wish? After all, she wouldn’t have to buy me any Christmas presents.

But then came response method #2: Stray from the subject. Quote Rocky Horror Picture Show: “Not meatloaf again.” I told her that meatloaf had nothing to do with the conversation; we were talking about chickens and vegan meals. So she asked if I heard Mike Tyson went vegan, which is old news to me. Then asked if I knew which football player is vegan. I didn’t (it’s Tony Gonzalez).

At this point, I excused myself from our conversation by mentioning that I had to do my homework.

I think her biggest concern is that she doesn’t know what she will eat if we have a vegan Christmas dinner, or whether my dad would like it. My next step will be to come up with a prospective menu to show her, but first I have to go write a five-page analytical paper on a piece of poetry. I’ll keep you updated (on the meal, not the paper).


6 thoughts on “Is it too early to talk about Christmas?

  1. Emily

    This is an awesome idea and I’m tempted to copy it! I hate the idea of “celebrating” over a dead animal on the table.
    Good luck with your family…

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