Pizza Friday #1: The Great “Cheese” Debate

Last weekend I made a batch of pizza dough from Vegan With a Vengeance, split it into four, and froze it. The recipe makes enough dough for 2 pizzas, so the idea was to make a different half-sized pizza each Friday during MoFo.

For week 1, I decided to do my own taste test of the two top vegan cheeses on the US market: Teese and Daiya. I split the dough up yet again to make 3 tiny rectangular pizzas: one for the Teese, one for the Daiya, and one for a blend of the two.

Pizza with vegan cheeses
Right out of the oven

I made my own pizza sauce (also from VWAV) and topped each one with 2 slices of Yves pepperoni… keeping it to one side so I could taste the cheese in all its glory as well as with toppings.


Vegan Teese pizza
Up close and personal

Price: $5.59 at Healthy Alternatives for 10 oz.

Very slight. Before I started eating it I tore it in half to see how it stretched and saw some strings of cheesiness, but as it cooled off it did not stretch as much.

good, but chemical-y. Not as sweet tasting as Daiya.

Before baking, Teese has a very slimy consistency. However, baking dried it up a bit and it had a nicer look and feel when it came out. Very smooth.


Vegan Daiya pizza

Price: $5.59 at Healthy Alternatives for 8 oz

More so than Teese, and stays stretchy for a wider temperature range than Teese does

sweet, junk food-y

Before baking, Daiya seems dry and crumbly. But don’t let this fool you, because when it melts it gets nice and gooey and you can see a layer of grease on top… just how I remember Domino’s from elementary school.


Vegan mixed cheese pizza

I thought that this would be the best out of the three, because each cheese brings something a little different to the table both consistency- and taste-wise. However, the first thing I thought when I bit into it was that it tasted like feet. So hey, at least you don’t have to go out and buy two different kinds of cheeses to get the best finished product… you’re better off using just one or the other.

The Daiya is easier to use than Teese, because it is already conveniently shredded. The Teese comes in a somewhat hard-to-open tube and is a bit of a pain to shred since it is so soft right out of the package. But maybe you don’t want your cheese to be shredded, in which case use Teese because you can slice it up for, say, a fancy-looking white pizza or bruschetta.

I didn’t get a good amount of cheese on the Teese pizza, because I figured that the bigger shreds would spread out more when it baked and they didn’t. That made it a little harder for me to judge the Teese. I prefer the Daiya overall, though both cheeses are really good and I’ve known omnis to love pizza with either. Overall, vegan cheese has come a long way in the past few years.


8 thoughts on “Pizza Friday #1: The Great “Cheese” Debate

  1. Very interesting taste test! Even though I can’t get either of those vegan cheezes here, I always enjoy seeing pictures of pizza šŸ™‚

    And how weird that they were both nice, but combined they tasted like feet! LOL!

    I don’t think much of vegan cheeze, it’s not great, but I’d love to try Daiya if it ever comes out in the U.K.

  2. Holy wow! I wish Teese was still available at my health food store. I still haven’t tried the new formula. Mozzarella Teese is the only flavor I like from them, though. Cheddar is absolutely vile.

    But I’m pretty fickle when it comes to vegan cheeses. I like almost all of them for different thing.

  3. I would have to give Teese the win, because I hate Daiya Mozz…I don’t know why! I like the other Mozz replacements I have tried. I like your taste test idea!

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