Philadelphia’s Walk for Farm Animals

As you may already know from my countless posts on Facebook and Twitter begging for donations, I had the pleasure of participating in Philadelphia’s Walk for Farm Animals today to raise money for Farm Sanctuary. After all the rain we had this week I was afraid the weather might not be favorable, but it was perfectly sunny and not too chilly.

We gathered at Rittenhouse Square and received our T-shirts, which I must say get better every year. I really liked the grassroots look of last year’s “Taking Compassion to the Streets” shirt (designed by Herbivore‘s Josh Hooten), but love the classy blue & white “compassion for all” script on this year’s (by Leanne Hilgart of Vaute Couture). This is definitely a shirt I will wear other places as well.

2010 Walk for Farm Animals Philadelphia

From Rittenhouse Square we walked down Walnut Street to Broad and up to City Square, then looped back to Rittenhouse. It was wonderful walking around the city with like-minded people, raising awareness and money for such a great cause. We passed people advocating Save the Children and bonded over the fact that we were all out there working for a good cause—lots of good karma in the City of Brotherly Love. We didn’t encounter any negativity towards the cause (that I noticed). The salesperson when we walked by LUSH tried to sell us all cosmetics, pointing out that they do not test on animals. Awesome marketing skills, but unfortunately we were on a mission!

2010 Walk for Farm Animals Philadelphia

After the walk, we went to the lobby of the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre for free vegan refreshments. There was hummus & pita bread, banana cake, carrot cake, berry mango muffins, pasta salad, sandwich cookies, and tea sandwiches (eggless and cucumber) as well as coffee and iced tea. Everything was amazing. There was also a silent auction and a raffle to raise more money for Farm Sanctuary.

This is my first year participating in the walk, but from what I hear we had at least twice as many walkers as we had last year. The totals won’t be out until February, but I personally raised $345, surpassing my goal of $300. Much thanks to everyone who donated money for the walk, participated in it, and most importantly those who organized it!

If you haven’t donated, it’s not too late… Walk donations are open until December 30th. Please visit my FirstGiving page ASAP to do so!



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