Bill White writes about Walk for Farm Animals

Bill White, columnist for The Morning Call, is well known for being an animal lover. I’ve followed his countless articles about Almost Heaven Kennels, a puppy mill just down the street from me. So it wasn’t too surprising that he would be the one to write about Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals in the Call. I was very happy to see his article (entitled Hilda the Sheep rose from the dead), and didn’t hesitate to thank him for it (you should too!

Except that not only is Bill an animal lover, he also loves to eat. A lot. Including lots of meat. He has a contest at Musikfest called “Eat Your Way through Musikfest.” He eats obscene amounts of food from vendors all over the festival on the first of ten days, and anyone else who eats everything on his card of favorites gets a prize bag full of Morning Call goodies and a Bill White t-shirt.

Let me make it clear that I am not writing to slam this contest. I am a huge fan of eating and have been known to eat obscene amounts of (vegan) food in the past (every time I visit Strong Hearts in Syracuse, NY for example). I just think that it would be a wonderful thing for veganism if Bill could bring his two loves together and eat lots of vegan food. For a week. And then write a column about it for The Morning Call. I think everyone would benefit from it.

On a vaguely related note, the next time the festival rolls around I plan on doing my own version of Eating Through Musikfest: on the first night, I’ll go around to all the vendors and eat every single vegan option available. Unfortunately, I’ll still be hungry when I’m finished.


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