Salmonella Outbreak – Don’t Forget the Chickens!

The recent outbreaks of salmonella linked to contaminated eggs has many people concerned with potential hazards to their personal health—over 1,000 people have fallen ill due to contaminated eggs that have now been recalled. However, not many people are pausing to think of the conditions the chickens producing the eggs are subject to living… cramped into long rows of tiny wire cages stacked upon each other, lack of hygiene, no access to fresh air or ventilation, pumped with antibiotics as a preventative measure instead of a treatment… it’s no wonder disease spreads quickly and grocery store eggs become contaminated with salmonella. We can’t stop hurting ourselves until we stop hurting the hens.

This week’s Morning Call opinion page featured three different editorial cartoons about the egg recall. The last one, “Hurt” (drawn by Matt Davies), spoke to this very point – showing hens crammed into cages and obviously suffering, while one quotes “our eggs are hurting humans.”

"Hurt" by Matt Davies

This is our chance to bring to light the fact that we hurt them so much… the salmonella outbreaks are nothing when compared to the suffering that billions of animals are put through on factory farms each year. So what I ask of you is to please visit The Morning Call’s website and vote for this cartoon as your favorite for the week… if it wins it will be featured again in next week’s opinion page, and we need to show readers of this paper that people care about animals. The opinion page is the second most commonly read after the first page – so let’s make sure our opinion gets heard, even if it be a little thing.

Visit to vote for Matt Davies’ “Hurt” cartoon as your favorite. When I voted there were only 3 votes for this cartoon; “Tainted Eggs & Ham” was winning with five times that amount. I hope that by the time the poll closes Friday, the cartoon reminding people of the plight of egg-laying hens will be winning by a landslide.


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