Some Days are Better than Others

Rescued Chickens

Some days are dry, some days are leaky
Some days come clean, other days are sneaky
Some days take less, but most days take more
Some slip through your fingers and onto the floor
Some days you’re quick, but most days you’re speedy
Some days you use more force than is necessary
Some days just drop in on us
Some days are better than others. . .

Some days begin with resentment, dead chickens, and sub-zero temperatures. A rooster attacks you, a pig bites you in the arse (albeit playfully). Your hands just about freeze to the metal of the gates, the sky is perpetually a dull grey, and no amount of coffee will perk you up.

Some days you forget to properly close the gate because Billy the calf scared you half to death; he just wanted to play but you know he’s much bigger and stronger than you are. So the pigs beat each other up and escape their pasture, causing an hour or two of frustration on your part but hey at least they’re enjoying themselves immensely as they run away up the hill, and that’s what this farm is about isn’t it: animals enjoying themselves.

And then some days the sun shines brightly down upon the hills, glinting off the snow like diamonds, the frost on the fences crystallized like rock candy. “Bad Cat” Greg follows you around as you do your rounds; he’s not really a bad cat at all, he’ll visit the birds but stays away from the pigs. Cinco and Sparkle and Guy Benedict and Orlo, the Lower Hospital chickens, enjoy their time outside in the sun and the fresh air, the mud beneath their feet (but Cinco has no feet), mud made from melted snow.

Some days as you pill Wallflower the rooster, you ask him “what are the Perks of Being a Wallflower, anyway?” and even though he dislikes being pilled it’s obvious that there are many perks of being him because he lives in a place of hope, of healing, of unconditional love, where everybody caters to his needs as a living being instead of viewing him as a commodity off which to make a profit.

Some days it seems nearly impossible to get out of your soft warm bed before dawn even breaks, but you realize the sunrise is even more beautiful than the sunset as that fiery orb comes up over the silvery white snow-covered trees, and the sky is so many pale shades of cotton candy. And anyway, you’re getting up for the animals who need you, not to go contribute to some mindless corporate system.

Some days you’re just counting down the time until you go home;
Some days you can’t believe how quickly the time has flown.

. . .Some days you feel ahead
You’re making sense of what she said
Some days are better than others. . .

But every single day I am grateful for the experience.

Note: All lyrics in italics are from the song “Some Days are Better than Others” by U2.


2 thoughts on “Some Days are Better than Others

  1. Amber

    It sounds like you had an interesting day haha. But at the same time, sometimes a bad day can turn into a day of amusement. For example, so many “bad things” happened to you today, but you are able to rant on here about it. 🙂

    When the day is over, you can look back on it and laugh. And laughter is always good.

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