Kick-Ass Vegan Nachos

(that my family has no faith in)

According to Carrie, today was International Day of the Nacho. I didn’t bother looking it up to see if it was true or not, because either way it gave me an excuse to make nachos!

I made re-fried beans (black and pinto) from a recipe posted on The Post Punk Kitchen forums from way back when we teens were going to get our act together and publish a teen vegan zine. Zine never came together, but I did get this recipe that I use occasionally.

Then I made guacamole from my good friend Sarah‘s family recipe, which she was kind enough to share with me… although I’ll never be able to make it as good as she does.

I used the recipe for the filling in Kittee’s no-queso quesadillas (about which I’ve previously posted) as a cheesy sauce for my nachos. I topped it all off with some sliced jalapeno, black olives, and corn.

Kick-Ass Vegan Nachos

To my family members on Facebook who don’t think my nachos can be kick-ass because they lack dairy, well… MORE FOR ME! (oh, and my awesome vegan friends… yeah, you.)


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