Tortilla Dessert Strips

I’ve been pretty busy lately, so it’s time for me to post a really quick & easy dessert-type tortilla recipe. I get home from dance pretty late on Wednesdays (usually around 10:00 pm), and am always hungry for something quick & easy after all my dancing.

Tonight we had one tortilla left, so I decided to take a tip I heard a while ago and make cinnamon tortilla strips. I smothered the tortilla in Earth Balance margarine and sprinkled it with cinnamon and sugar, then broiled it. I took it out of the oven and cut into strips, and drizzled with chocolate sauce. I bet it would’ve been awesome with some strawberry sauce or something, but I didn’t have any and like I said… I was looking for something quick and easy. Strawberry sauce is easy, but I was feeling lazy.

dessert tortilla strips

Hopefully soon I will have more time to make more exciting foods, but this shows that it can be really easy to make simple, tasty, vegan food. Simpler can be better!


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